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inductiebusBraunschweig10 july 2014

Primove: Electric buses recharged wirelessly

A town in Germany is already into the future: electric urban buses are charged by induction

Smart Florence (foto di december 2013

Smart Florence: €400,000 for sustainable projects

A master plan of good ICT practices in the field of energy will be devised for Florence, Italy, and be adaptable to all urban situations

news0126 november 2013

Extension of “Conto Energia” in Italy’s stability programme

The maxi amendment extends by 12 months the benefits of the fifth “Conto Energia” for plants built on public buildings in disaster areas

Siena battezza MED-Solutions, la rete della sostenibilità nel Mediterraneo17 july 2013

Siena launches MED-Solutions, a sustainability network for the Mediterranean

foto di it.violachannel.tv2 july 2013

Saying goodbye to Margherita Hack

Recycling cars is cool12 april 2013

Recycling cars is cool

Ten years in advance of European regulations Fiat realized the value of end-of-life vehicles and set up an industry that has become an example in Europe

Europe’s green economy on the rise, together with turnover18 december 2012

Europe’s green economy on the rise, together with turnover

The VedoGreen Observatory has drawn up a map of outstanding green private companies in Italy: 13 of them listed and another 50 not trading on the Italian Stock Exchange

5world29 november 2012

The Italian side of the UN network for sustainable development

Among the members of the leadership council of the new network is the Chancellor of the University of Siena Angelo Riccaboni, and Enel Chairman Paolo Scaroni