• Articolo Rome, 20 september 2012
  • “Commuting should be seen as an opportunity rather than a curse”

    Sustainable mobility: agreement between MATTM and the Italian State Railways

  • The agreement signed by the two parties aims to reduce the percentage of goods travelling by road and encourage more sustainable passenger traffic, to the benefit of both health and the environment

(Rinnovabili.it) – On the one hand, goods constantly travelling on HGVs, lorries and private vehicles; on the other, people, who need to travel for work or for leisure. The traffic generated daily for these reasons, necessary though they are, causes high levels of pollution, which have a negative impact on both human health and the environment. Creation can, however, be safeguarded by means of a policy able to raise the percentage of goods travelling by rail and to promote sustainable mobility. It is with this in mind that the Minister of the Environment, Corrado Clini, and the MD of the Italian State Railways, Mauro Moretti, signed an agreement in Assisi, the aim of which is to reduce the negative impact of road traffic.

The signatories undertake to “develop and increase goods transport by rail, which would be a decisive step towards enhancing and extending sustainable mobility and rendering Italian industry more competitive”. The agreement also aims to discourage the use of polluting means of transport and to demonstrate that commuting is an opportunity rather than a curse.