28 Marzo 2023


Meet VIVA, the label for sustainable wine

Project VIVA Sustainable Wine achieves its goal with the presentation of the first bottles carrying the new label tracking the environmental performances of the wine production chain

New perovskite photovoltaics from Rome’s Tor Vergata university

CHOSE and Rome Tor Vergata university’s Department of Chemical Science and Technology have realized the first real scale module using perovskite crystals

Smart Florence: €400,000 for sustainable projects

A master plan of good ICT practices in the field of energy will be devised for Florence, Italy, and be adaptable to all urban situations

From Pisa, a low-cost photovoltaic material developed for space

A new solar cell cover-glassing method sets it apart from other low-cost panels

In Florence sneakers become sport surfaces

Rubber recovered from old sports shoes will be used to make shock-absorbing safety sport surfaces

Extension of “Conto Energia” in Italy’s stability programme

The maxi amendment extends by 12 months the benefits of the fifth “Conto Energia” for plants built on public buildings in disaster areas

Sustainable development: Rinnovabili.it reports on the First Siena Solutions Conference

Live Twitter news, video interviews and detailed coverage of this important three-day meeting in Tuscany: Rinnovabili.it will be there, reporting on an exciting international event devoted to environmental sustainability

Recycling cars is cool

Ten years in advance of European regulations Fiat realized the value of end-of-life vehicles and set up an industry that has become an example in Europe