The Italian side of the UN network for sustainable development

Among the members of the leadership council of the new network is the Chancellor of the University of Siena Angelo Riccaboni, and Enel Chairman Paolo Scaroni

( – The initiative had already been announced at the beginning of August. It is now time for the “Sustainable Development Solutions Network”, the new network of experts created by the United Nations, to spring into action with the first meeting of its leadership council. From tomorrow until 28 November, New York will be hosting the experts in the fields of economics, environment and development that form the leadership council set to meet over two days to sketch out its working agenda.


Among the members of this leadership council sits the Chancellor of the University of Siena, Angelo Riccaboni. The other Italian member is Enel Chairman Paolo Scaroni, who explains how the UN has organised the network over recent months “in order to identify concrete, feasible solutions in the area of sustainable development”. “I see this – continues Riccaboni – as an important recognition of the work the University has conducted on these issues, especially through Nesso, our internal sustainability research network, and of our adoption of environmental, social and economic sustainability as one of the University’s top priorities”.


Another purpose of the meeting in New York will be identify the main themes and a number of initiatives that will provide the focus for the global efforts of the 10 working groups within the Network that will be studying a series of solutions that may be able to speed up progress towards sustainable development but that have not yet been adopted on a large scale. Finally, the Network aims to build a world study centre composed of universities, research centres, citizens’ organisations and businesses able to speed up the identification of solutions for sustainable development at local, national and global level.